Bedford Town Centre Chaplaincy

I was approached by Bedford Town Centre Chaplaincy to create a website for their organisation. This is based on a WordPress theme with adaptions made to the colour scheme, fonts and layout.

Monster Yarns

Monster Yarns is a local small internet based wool shop. Intially, I was approached to make amendments to the existing site I was then asked to create a cleaner looking site. This was created from an existing theme with adaptation as needed to create the layout. The site runs WordPress eCommerce for customers to be able to purchase wool and other products over the internet.


Kathleen is a local designer and embroiderer, she approached me to create a new website for her company. A request was that it was easier for her to update while at trade shows as well as setting up a shop to be able to sell her sewing kits and books on the internet. I was able to use a WordPress theme as a basis to create the site that she’d like. The site runs WordPress eCommerce.¬†


This is my own blog, I started with a theme called Sugar and Spice and made adaptations to making it my own including changing the colour scheme, font and header amongst other bits.


This is the Daisy Media website, this is based on the theme ColorLib and has become a practice site for me to learn further about coding and the adaptations that can be made from a theme. I’m also learning how to start from scratch to design a theme.