Bullet Journalling, Who I Am

January – New Year, New Goals

Hi there, 

I’m Hannah also known as Daisy Media. 

Dinosaur and I at Buckingham Palace.
I have been blogging since about 2007. It a never stayed exactly in one place but I have settled for now. You can find it at HanPlans.co.uk

Why am I here, telling you that?

I spent a large chunk of 2016 constantly telling myself that I would be more organised. That my business blog would actually have something on it worth people’s time. So here we go. It’s 2017 and we’re going to make this happen. 

I am hoping that going forward I will be able to bring tech tips and information as well as organisation tips. For example you might find this TEDTalk by Ryder Carroll interesting. He invented the Bullet Journal method of note taking. I will come back to that one in another post. 

Here we go, bring on 2017…

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